Everything could be mentioned here except code.


Brain blank.


I still have bunches of time to waste, but more bunches of things want to do. I can't escape from trade-off.


长途旅行没有事可做的时候总是会想睡觉。人都是这样,无聊的时候就想睡觉。家里的宠物也是。你不陪它玩, 带它活动的话,它或许最多闹腾几下,终究也是没有太多事可做的,然后也就无聊了,便开始睡觉。 白天你在忙时在睡,晚上也在睡。活动时间总是很少。是不是它们的生活就是像坐了一辈子的长途客车呢。

People get bored in a long trip. Cause just nothing to do. So do our house pets. If you don't take them out and play with them, they simply get bored. Pets can just stay at home, then sleep. Is their life always on a long trip?


有时候抽开身用旁观者模式看自己,会感觉清净许多。但一旦附身回去,却又发现自己仍然在被一个又一个 DDL 推着行进。

Sometimes I take supervisor mode(not the term which in OS) to inspect myself I'll be freshed. But when spirit comes back, I found myself still pushed by endless deadlines.


舅爷家里养了11年的小博美去世了。虽然是他们家的狗,但经常来我家串门住上几天几个月。今年过年回家时感觉它确实老了, 毛再也长不顺了。明明前一年还是一身光滑柔顺,好像一瞬间就变老了。看到消息时心里还咯噔一下,说走就走。 有一些怀念它正盛年,我在客厅搭积木,它围着不大的家整个跑来跑去消耗精力的时候。怀念哭着求家人在假期里带它过来住几天的时光。

My granduncle's cute Pomeranian died around her 11th birthday. Though granduncle's she had been living in my home time to time. I noticed her fading on the Chunjie of this year, with rough hair never become smooth again. To me, she was getting old like just in a moment. Yearning the days when I was playing building blocks in the living room, with she ran laps and laps in my small home. Also the days crying and begging my family to take her to my home on my weekends.



Miss mother's cooking.


很多事情没有第二次机会。我们常常谈起 “下次”,或许自己也没有意识到这些只是空话。 最近打算把自己的所有电子设备的所有系统内容都调成纯英文,这样或许对熟悉英语口语和写作有点作用。

There are lots of things have no second chances. So when we talk to "next time", we may be talking about nothing. By the way, I'm going to use full English working environment from today on.



Next day'll be my first trip to Shanghai. Somehow nervous. Seems that I 'm considering this trip a vacation though it's not. Feeling anxious these days, maybe a long trip could recover my situation.



There were days I thought e-book is more convenient than paperback, thus thinking it hard to read for me was just because I was not used to. However as time went on, I found that only paperback gives me tranquility.



I was thinking about extracting former diaries here but gave up. Maybe just keep them local or extract when archive is avaliable here.